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remove urine in carpet required to clean this lounge
We've circled the urine patches, the carpets carried a heavy odour.
The treatment took 2 hours and we had one happy client.

Badly Pet Effected Carpets Revived.


Tenants had moved in to a property but the carpets smelled so bad they couldn’t use any of the carpeted rooms.

The Problem:

On inspection all carpeted rooms carried a heavy ‘pet’ odour typically laid down from the oils of a dogs skin, dirt bought in on the coat and feet, urine and faeces. Urine testing showed all rooms to be heavily contaminated. The image shows the areas of contamination we found in the lounge room. All rooms were similarly effected.

Job Request: Clean the carpets to allow the carpeted rooms to be habitable until funds are available for their replacement.


  • Owner didn’t have the funds to replace the carpets and required the rent to maintain the financial stability of the investment
  • Tenant was looking to break lease if the situation could not be resolved quickly.

The Solution:

The carpet structure was sound and still in good condition so the carpets were worth a saving. Applying urine treatment across all carpets was cost prohibitive so we decided to deep clean using a combination of detergents, mechanical agitation and steam cleaning.

The carpets were sanitised using a germicide treatment that kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould. This left the rooms hygienically clean and smelling like a hospital


The carpets presented clean with heavy pet odour abated because we had cleaned the primary sources of the odour from the carpet. The tenant was very happy with the outcome and able to move in to the carpeted rooms once the carpets dried.

The total cost of our treatment was $475 and saved the property owner thousands on carpet replacement and ensured the tenant remained in tenure paying rent.

Tenant concerned about
bond refund.


Our client had moved out of their rental property and needed the carpets cleaned as part of their exiting obligations. They were afraid the refund of their bond would be effected if the carpets did not clean well.

The Problem:

The carpets presented heavily stained from food and drink spills plus general heavy foot traffic in the entry and hallway. Two rooms had blue tack and art paint worked in to the carpet.

The Solution:

Our carpet cleaners Logan team cleaned the carpets and used  solvents to remove the blue tack and art paint. 


Carpets cleaned well, all stains were removed and the carpet condition passed the property managers inspection.

The total cost of our treatment was $135

Property owner thought the carpets needed changing.


The owner was looking to move back in to their property. The carpets had been cleaned but still presented poorly.

The Problem:

The carpets had general heavy soiling and areas of staining from an unknown source.

The Solution:

Deep clean the carpets  and apply sanitiser to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Heavy general soiling and staining was removed throughout the carpets. The odour within the carpets was removed leaving the owner confident to move back in to the property without having to change the carpets.

The total cost of our treatment was $362.50 saving the owner thousands of dollars on replacements.

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