Stain Lifters shall perform all work in a professional manner.

The customer shall provide unfettered access to the property to allow the technician to perform their work and advise of any potential hazards that may exist within the house or grounds prior to commencement of work.


Stain Lifters cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed upon cleaning or refinishing. Stains derived from caustics, acids and permanent dyes may be permanent stains that cannot be removed. Further, Stain Lifters cannot be responsible for any pre-existing condition that is not apparent upon visual inspection.

These conditions may include but are not limited to:

  • Fugitive dyes not properly set in manufacture or re-dyeing
  • Lounge suites that have water or solvent soluble coloured backing material
  • Carpet that has been over-stretched during laying or suffers from de-lamination
  • Carpet that has suffered sun-damage, making it fragile or affecting dye colour
  • The use of high alkaline cleaning solutions or other products that may un-set dyes in the fibres of the carpet or upholstery
  • Markers used on carpet, fabric backing or padding
  • Bodily fluids within mattresses
  • Ultaviolet light damage to carpets and upholstery

Stain Lifters will only warrant claims with respect to the workmanship of the services provided if the claim is reported within 14 days of completion of the work. In the event of a customer complaint, the customer undertakes to give Stain Lifters the opportunity to rectify all work.


Carpet Cleaning

The customer agrees that they have been informed that there are various types of fabric protection. The type used by Stain Lifters could best be described as a stain release.

This means that on each type of carpet or fabric its reaction is slightly different. Our product is not designed so that water beads up on the carpet, rather the stain that is caused by any spillage is released from the carpet.

Should the spillage or stain be a caustic, acid or dye, then this could impair the effectiveness of the product and the results cannot be guaranteed. Any guarantee on the application of the product is limited to attempting to remove the stain and re-applying the product to the affected area.

Prices are subject to a maximum room size of 13 square metres. Prices are subject to the condition of the carpet. Difficult stains may incur an additional charge.


Pricing is subject to the number and size of seats and the condition of the upholstery. Maximum width of a seating position is 80cm. A seating position wider than 80cm will incur an additional charge. Additional charges may apply for recliners, ottomans and chaises

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Stain Lifters cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen adverse conditions relating to the cleaning of the tiles and grout. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Loose, scratched, or chipped tiles
  • Loose, cracked, or missing grout
  • UV fading or damage
  • Stains within or on the tiles & grout

Concrete Cleaning

Stain Lifters cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed upon cleaning. Rust, welding marks, acid scarring and stains derived from oil may be permanent and may not be removed further.

In some instances a quote will be supplied whereby the customer has measured and supplied their estimate of the size of the concrete to be cleaned without a Stain Lifter estimator measuring the job. We reserve the right to alter the quote if it is found after measurement the area of concrete to be cleaned is larger than estimated by the client.

Payment Methods

Payment is due on completion of works. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards which will incur a 1.9% surcharge. Cash payments are accepted.

In the event that payment is not made according to our payment terms and we take action to recover the debt, then you, the client, shall be liable for all costs associated with recovering the debt including, but not limited to, legal costs and debt recovery costs

If payment is made by Credit Card and the transaction cannot be completed for any reason, then payment will be ‘On Account’ per the Terms and Conditions of the Invoice.

Cheques will only be accepted where an account has been set up prior to the job.

If an account has been set up and payment is not made by the due date, or payment is dishonoured or otherwise, Stain Lifters reserves the right to charge a reasonable Administration Fee, in addition to all other costs associated with recovering the debt including, but not limited to, legal costs and debt recovery costs.

Cancellation Fees and Surcharges

Unless otherwise stated Stain Lifters reserves the right to charge customers a cancellation fee of minimum $90 if less than 12 hours notice is not given for the cancellation of the booking.

Surcharges may be charged on jobs booked for weekends, after hours or public holidays; in multi level apartment blocks or when more than one operator is required.

It is the responsibility of the client, to organise parking for the technician. Accordingly, any costs for parking will be added to the invoice along with a surcharge if parking is not available within a short distance.