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Flood and Water Damage Restorations - IF ITS AN EMERGENCY CALL US FIRST. WE WILL BE THERE WITHIN THE HOUR. PH 1300 781 167 - Stain Lifters has a 24/7 flood response line 1300 781 167. If you are experiencing a flood situation in your home caused by leaking or ruptured pipes and you cannot stop the flow from with in the house, turn off the main water supply leading in to your home. The tap for the main water supply is generally located somewhere along your front boundary in a box with a green or black lid.

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Flooded Carpets can Cause Problems

Water will migrate and can easily damage a home if left to sit so please do not hesitate to call as soon as you are aware of the situation. Our equipment will remove the water fast and our drying equipment will ensure the damage water can caused to flooring and walls is minimalised.

Emergency Flood Response will save you money.

We remove flood water caused by storms, burst pipes, broken aquariums or simple accidents. The longer water sits the more damage is done and the more  problematic and expensive the fix becomes.

Water migrates and will be absorbed by carpets, walls, dry walling, skirting boards and timber frames.

The longer water sits in carpets the more likely the carpet will continue to bleed stains after cleaned. 

If left unchecked in timber, timber rot may set in and mould growth may be promoted.

Dampness causes solutions to be expensive if left unchecked!

Why Choose Us

  • Stain Lifters are IICRC accredited water damage restoration technicians.
  • We do our best to keep our pricing low.
  • We are quick to respond.
  • We have the right equipment.

    We Can Repair Your Flooded Carpet

    If you have a carpeted home, a burst pipe can cause severe damage. Should there be a large spill, the effects can be disastrous. When you encounter a flooded carpet, you risk the consequences of mildew and mould, which can cause health problems for you and your family. If you leave a water-damaged carpet for too long, it may become too problematic for restoration. The best thing to do is contacting a carpet cleaning company. Stain lifters proudly offer professional carpet cleaning and restoration.

    Benefits of Carpet Water Damage Restoration

    Several factors can contribute to your flooded carpeting; one of the foremost reasons is storms, which lead to leaking roofs. When your roof leaks, it not only floods your carpet with water but with dirt and debris, which can significantly deteriorate your floor. With flooded carpet restoration, you can have your flooring returned to good as new. `Professional carpet cleaning and repair after a flood has many benefits.

    • Prevention of mould. Due to the texture, carpets are the perfect breeding ground for mould; water becomes trapped between the fibres and is difficult to eradicate without the assistance of professionals and their heavy-duty equipment. If you leave the carpet untreated, the mould will damage the flooring beneath your carpets.
    • Use of proper equipment. The art of carpet restoration is a delicate process that requires thorough and professional methods to avoid residual problems. When you hire a carpet cleaning company, you reap the benefits of their high-tech equipment, which will dry up your carpeting and leave it clean and smelling fresh.
    • Quick restoration. To prevent further problems from occurring, it is essential to have any water damage tended to as soon as you possibly can. A professional cleaning service can restore carpeting within a day, depending on the space and amount of damage. If there is flood damage to your carpet you will want a professional to clean it up with their exclusively designed machines.

    What You Should Know About Flooded Carpet Cleaning

    Flood damage carpet cleaning is a service every homeowner will use at least once in their life. You may think that your carpets won’t require professional cleaning after a flood; you may want to rethink this depending on the type of flood. If your home floods due to a sewage leak, you will need the right chemicals and machines to avoid bacteria growth deep within your flooring. Here are some things you should know about carpet cleaning.

    • Soak the area. The chances of a carpet cleaning company coming as soon as you have a flood may be slim. To prevent the flooding from getting worse, we recommend that you dry up as much of the water as possible, with towels and fans.
    • Use the right chemicals. If you are worried about mould forming while you wait for the professionals to get in, use all-purpose carpet shampoo to remove as much dirt and debris as possible.
    • Avoid the spot. After you have cleaned and dried as much as you can, your household and pets should not walk on the area as they may carry germs from the area to other parts of your home or add dirt to the area from your house.

    About Stain Lifters

    We have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry and pride ourselves on our customer service. At Stain Lifters, we believe in presenting you with quality service that we can talk about. We take pride in our level of customer care and quality machinery. We strive to deserve your trust when we deliver prompt and reliable cleaning in your home. Whether you need carpet, upholstery or mattress cleaning, we are here for you. Contact one of our friendly employees to make a booking or do a quote and browse our site to discover our additional services.