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Carpets and Upholstery

Home Pest Control Ipswich, Logan and Redlands

We treat homes, townhouses, villas and apartments

In fact, any residential property can be protected from unwanted guests by our pest control Ipswich technicians, pest control Logan technicians and pest control Redlands technicians.

Our home pest control targets the following

Whilst we target these species our treatment will be effective on other pests that may be in the home.  

Programmed Pest Control

Set and Forget…We’ll do the Rest.

Want the peace of mind of regular servicing to keep on top of, and ahead of infestations? We can do that under our regular servicing package just follow the link.

Our Work Is Guaranteed!

If the pests return within a 2 month period we’ll return free of charge to rectify the issue. Please refer to our full terms and conditions.

What areas of my home do you treat for the price?

Homes and Townhouses.

Units and Apartments

What treatments do you use?

We use a variety of treatments dependant upon the the pests we are targeting.

A combination of sprays, dusts, gels or baits may be applied depending on your situation to ensure we get the best result for you.

All treatments are applied in a safe manner that wont harm you, your family or your pets.

What's not included in the price?

Our home pest control will provide protection to all the standard areas under the main roof of your home. There are some improvements and homely add-ons not included in the price which we can add on for a slightly adjusted price.

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